Friday, April 5, 2013

Our February

This is part 3 in my series of "blog catchup entries." You can find part 2 here.

We had a nice February. A cold February. It's been a chilly winter! Here are a few of the fun things that happened:
Aunt Nicole & Aunt Katy came to visit!
Playtime with Aunt Katy & Mom

Katy, Nicole & Zoe

Since we had two extra sets of hands, we decided to try to go out to dinner and put the girls in high chairs. It went pretty well, and we are much more confident about taking them out now.
Dinner out at Lord Hardwicke's

We visited Aunt Mare & Uncle Joh (and saw Mia & Owen)

Unfortunately, I didn't get many pictures, but the girls had fun hanging out with Owen.

First time in the big bathtub

Our babies graduated to the big bathtub this month... so crazy. They really like their little bath seats (thanks, Aunt Karen!) and love to splash and play.



Nana & Pop Visited / Turned 7 months!

Nana & Pop came to visit. Pop took a lot of great pictures, including the 7-month photoshoot.

7 months: official photo

7 months!

Our family

Met Athena

I dog-sat for a few days, so the girls got to see Athena. They'd met her when they were very small, but this was the first time where they could interact. They were amazed as she tried to run away with their toys (!) and laughed whenever she licked their faces. We also watched an old Bulls game on the giant TV - training them young!

Hanging with Athena

Watching a '90s Bulls game

Trip to Texas Roadhouse

Kate was nice enough to watch Grace and Zoe while Mama and Gram went to a movie (yay Die Hard!), and we all went out to dinner in Harrisonburg after.

Gram & Zoe


Here are some of my other favorite photos. You can find all of the February photos here on flickr.



Beautiful Grace


Sippy Cup time

Seven Months!


Beautiful Grace



Dear Zoe

Zoe at 7 months!


Happy Zoe

Zoe & Eli
Trip to the mall
Trip to the Mall
Hanging out
Morning Series
Mom & her kiddos
Mom & her girls
Mama & her girls
Mama & kiddos
~Kristy (aka "Mama")

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