Monday, April 1, 2013

Our December

Well, clearly I completely fail at blogging! It's as if being a mother of twins is exhausting and time-consuming or something! Who knew? :)

Grace and Zoe are doing amazingly well - they are 8.5 months old already! Where did the time go? I just can't believe it sometimes.

Thought I'd go back and post a few memories (what my feeble, exhausted brain can recall) from the past few months in a no doubt futile attempt to stay caught up here. We shall see.

So, here goes. Some fun things we did in December:

Christmas Tree Shopping!
Bought the girls' first Christmas tree! We went to a favorite tree farm of ours near McGaheysville, Va. Grandma and Grandpa came with us to help, so that was fun! We wound up picking out a gorgeous tree, and it was a very fun time, even if I about killed myself pushing our giant stroller up the massive hill at the tree farm!
Christmas Tree Shopping
Christmas Tree Shopping
Here's Grace admiring the (not quite decorated yet) tree
Oh Christmas Tree>

Had a visit from Aunt Nicole & Beth
Aunt Nicole came down to visit in early December, and she brought Beth with her! It was great to have Beth meet the girls for the first time. We all had a nice time, and they were so sweet and helpful during their trip! (We put Aunt Nicole to work, of course!)

Aunt Bobo & Grace
Aunt Bobo & Grace
Aunt Nicole & Zoe
Aunt Nicole & Zoe
The Gang
Visit with the aunts

Baked Christmas Cookies with Gram!

Zoe helped!
Zoe helps decorate cookies
Celebrated Christmas/Solstice in Maryland!
We were lucky to celebrate with the whole Maryland gang! The girls had fun, and were properly spoiled, of course.
010513Picture 022

Celebrated Christmas at Brightwood!

The girls loved opening presents - and the bows!
Gram & Uncle Andy helping Zoe
Grace & Mom
Grace & Gram
Zoe loved hanging out with Uncle Andy!

Celebrated Christmas Eve & Christmas -- with Gram, too!
We had to change our Christmas Eve plans, thanks to some unexpected snow, but Gram was sweet enough to come stay with us Christmas Eve. It turned out great, as she spent the night, and was there Christmas morning. She cooked us some great meals, and we all had a ball opening Santa presents, stockings, and gifts. It was a wonderful first Christmas for the girls.

Christmas Eve
Christmas morning
Zoe & Mama
Mama & Grace
Zoe had a great day!
Happy Christmas Zoe
So did Grace!
Mama & Grace
Christmas Grace
Santa brought a new piano!
Testing out the new piano
Opening presents is great fun!
Opening presents

Celebrated with Grandma and Grandpa - and went to the girls' first UVA men's basketball game!
The girls got all decked out in their Christmas garb (a gift from Mr. Ruey)
Girls & their grandparents
Go 'Hoos Go!
Training Grace early!
New toy!
New toy!

Here are a few of my other favorite pictures from December. You can see all of our (many!) December 2012 pictures here on flickr.

They really got into their exersaucers starting this month
Hanging out
Instagram Grace
Starting to eat food!
Turning 5 months old!
5 months old! Wow!
Checking out the snow
Checking out the snow

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