Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A few April and May milestones.

I kept holding off on writing this entry until I uploaded pictures to our flickr site, but I'm so behind, and at this rate, I'll be posting this entry as the girls turn sixteen.

I have been terrible about capturing their milestones, so just wanted to get a few things down.


-By early May, was very good with her ma, da, ba sounds. She chatters constantly now. She has a "di di di" sound she makes when talking to herself or her toys
-She also has a cute little "hah" sound she makes when excited
-She has a funny little grown she makes when tired, especially if given her bert (pacifier)
-She loves waffles and pancakes
-She loves puffs and yogurt melts. She adores those crunchy "sticks" Gerber makes
-She is now fascinated with the cats. She recognizes the word "cat" and will look around to find the nearest one
-She has a very cute shy grin and a face she makes when feeling proud or accomplished
-She started crawling on 4/7
-She can pull herself up on nearly anything (crib, bookshelves, couch, ottoman, etc.) and she has pretty much mastered getting back down
-She cruises along the couch holding on to the top
-She snuggles against you for a hug when you put her to bed
-She can sign "more" sometimes in context, especially for sticks
-She loves computers - she gets excited if we lift up a lid to a laptop. She loves to bang on the keys (if allowed)
-She also loves the iPad mini (she watches Sesame Street podcasts on it) and can recognize when I take it out of its case
-She has two teeth (came in April)
-She loves her berts and will just rotate them in and out of her mouth if you give her a couple
-She just started wearing 18-month footie PJs (!)
-She is still stealing Zoe's toys and then crying if reprimanded (sigh)
-She loves books! She will surround herself with a stack of them and look at them and chatter. She is also pretty good about listening to stories

-Started crawling by the end of April (4/29). She is super fast now and can keep up with Grace
-She is getting better at pulling herself up, though it is still a work in progress. Getting down still presents a challenge
-She will eat nearly any finger food! She especially loves pasta and gets it everywhere! She rubs her hands in her hair when she eats and becomes a hot mess
-She chatters to herself and cracks herself up a lot
-That laugh! She laughs easily and generously
-She loves music and will dance (bop her head and sway) to music. She is starting to recognize the word "dance"
-She listens to our music (Katy Perry is a favorite) but she also loves "Elmo's Song" and "Rubber Ducky"
-She is still very good natured and charms everyone. She is pretty easygoing about being picked up by most everyone
-She loves to crawl to the magnets we keep on the bottom of the fridge
-She loves to blow raspberries - both in general, or in response to you
-She also loves books
-She has a hilarious "scrunchy" face she makes when happy
-She is still my little nursing champ at night before bed... I want to keep her little for as long as possible sometimes
-She loves to feel wind or air in her hair. She loves being carried around outside

Just a few pictures. I'll catch up someday!
Grace and her beloved laptop
Grace & her beloved laptop

Big girl Grace!
Big girl!

Typical Zoe, post-eating
Zoe Eating

Playing with their magnets
Beloved pastime

So grown up

Reading time

And some videos:

"Sharing" in action

Zoe's early days of crawling

Zoe dancing

Grace starting to crawl

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  1. Oh, I love babies and their milestones. :) That first video is awesome. I love how Zoe isn't even fazed by her sister stealing her pacifier. Ha!