Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Two months old!

So our baby girls turned TWO MONTHS old Sunday. How is this even possible? These last two months have gone by in a crazy, amazing blur. I cannot believe that in three or so weeks I'll be back at work and life will fall into whatever pattern it's going to be for some time... wow.

So much has happened in these few weeks. I feel like the girls are growing in leaps and bounds. We went to the pediatrician Monday, and they are doing really well! Grace weighed in at 12 lbs, 13 oz, and Zoe was 10 lbs, 1 oz. I cannot believe it! It is far more difficult to carry them in their car seats at the same time now. Plus, they are so strong! They are holding their heads up much better, and can walk around on your shoulder with their head up, looking around. They can also hold their heads up much better when they take a bottle. They are looking at things and tracking our movements more. Grace is smiling a lot, and Zoe is smiling too, though she tends to save her smiles for very special occasions. I feel like they just change every time we look at them.

They are also developing such distinct personalities! Grace is totally our cuddlebug. She is also the crier, though it tends to be because she has stomach issues and is in pain. Boy, that girl has a set of lungs. But she’s also a smiley baby who loves to conk out on someone’s shoulder. She loves, loves, loves to eat and is always happy to take her bottle. She’s starting to coo now, and her repertoire of noises is hilarious. She has a shorter attention span than her sister and often gets frustrated when she can’t “get” the toys in the play yard or the bouncy seat. She flirts with her grandparents and is generally just hilarious.

Zoe is our quiet, reflective baby. When we’re home alone, I feel like the poor kid gets the short end of the stick, with her sister always crying and needing to sleep on someone. Zoe always looks thoughtful, like she’s taking everything in – she looked that way from the moment she was born. She often curls up on herself, much like she must have been in the womb, and she sleeps with one little hand folded up by her head. She cries much less than Grace and also sleeps much less than Grace. She fights sleep and is always looking around. They both love to be walked around to look at things, but Zoe especially. As I said, she smiles less, but has this cute little curl to her mouth when she’s happy. She absolutely loves the play yard and can spend 30 minutes plus kicking and reaching at the animals in it. She’s also my champion nurser and that’s when she gets her cuddling in.

Kate went back to work several weeks ago, so that has been an adjustment for us. She works very long days on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, which is hard for everyone. She is tired and on her feet all day, while we are all home alone and missing her! I am lucky to have a lot of family members willing to help out. My Mom comes over most Tuesdays and Thursdays, so that is really nice. I know the girls will be happy to have their Gram help take care of them when I get back to work.

We are getting out more now with the girls -- shopping, outings, etc. We stopped by my office today and we've been to Old Navy, the mall, Walmart, etc. Such excitement! We also went to Charlottesville Pride this past weekend, which was a lot of fun. We've had good success carrying the girls around in their Baby Bjorns -- they are very cute in them!

Life is very busy and we're always washing bottles or throwing in a load of laundry when we aren't hanging out with the babes, but it's fun. We are very lucky. More, hopefully, soon.

GZ Two Months 046

Classic Unhappy Baby Shot
Pride Babies

Smiley Grace #1


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